About us

Stay Now Pay Later
Our passion is to make your travel dreams come true. It is the whole reason that we started Stay Now Pay Later, a website where your dreams become your reality. Stay Now Pay Later has been a vision of ours for a very long time, and today we are bringing our vision to you.
The story behind the dream
Traveling has become part of every person’s dreams, whether big or small. Some people want to travel far and some want to travel close. Stay Now Pay Later recognized this need for people to fulfil their dreams of seeing the world. Stay Now Pay Later wanted to bring travel to all.

By creating a platform whereby holidays can be purchased on credit, SNPL opens up the doors to many more travellers. SNPL also understood the importance of allowing people to have a break, get away, relax and unwind. And there was definitely a need in the market for this. SNPL saw this opportunity to bring our clients just that.

Stay Now Pay Later finances your stay. While you go on your dream holiday, SNPL takes care of the rest. With flexible payment options, the opportunities to make your travel dreams a reality, are endless.

With state of the art technology, and being the first to introduce seamless online credit application and approval, it has become even easier than ever before to apply for finance through SNPL.